Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Matthew McConaughey Defends Shirtless Justin Bieber

Though some have criticized Justin Bieber for his penchant for going shirtless, Matthew McConaughey has his back.
In an interview with MTV, the "Magic Mike" star is briefed on the 19-year-old's tendency to go bare-chested, and Matthew notes that if the teen pop star is flying private, he can "wear whatever he wants."
Next, he was asked where it is appropriate to go shirtless. Known for frequently flashing his own pecs, the 43-year-old actor replied, "It's appropriate wherever you say it's appropriate. It's your shirt. "
As for the chance he'd bare his chest in a Broadway musical version of "Magic Mike," Mr. McConaughey told Vulture, "Oh! I don't know! I'd have to see. I want to see it! I've got Dallas. If someone else is taking Dallas, I would hope they would change his name. If it's someone else. But I look forward to seeing or perhaps being a part of whatever rendition there is, if there's going to be a sequel or what. I'd like to see whatever version there would be. Magic Mike's living on, yeah!"

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