Monday, 8 April 2013

Katy Perry Visits Madagascar with UNICEF

Opening her eyes to the issues faced by some of the poorest in the world, Katy Perry visited Madagascar last week on a UNICEF mission.
The "Wide Awake" singer checked out the charity's educational and health programs while in the impoverished nation.
In a statement, the 38-year-old pop star shared, "In less than one week here in Madagascar, I went from crowded city slums to the most remote villages and my eyes were widely opened by the incredible need for a healthy life — nutrition, sanitation, and protection against rape and abuse — which UNICEF are stepping in to help provide."
Appreciating the experience, Ms. Perry added, "I am grateful to UNICEF for giving me the opportunity to see first-hand how their programs make a real difference in children’s lives. Support for UNICEF is saving children, I am a witness to it.”
Though it may have been a quite sobering visit, Katy showed her Twitter followers a glimpse of her fun personality peeking through the hardship when she posted a photo of herself fist-bumping a young child with the caption, "One of my favorite moments from my life changing @UNICEF trip to Madagascar!"

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Photo Credit: UNICEF

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