Thursday, 28 February 2013

Emily VanCamp Covers Fashion's April 2013 Issue

Stepping away from the set of her hit television series "Revenge," Emily VanCamp graced the cover of Fashion's April 2013 issue.
After slipping into a stunning Gucci dress and posing for a few frames with James White, the 26-year-old actress talked with the mag about everything from avoiding cosmetic surgery to her life outside of the spotlight.
During the interview, the Canadian star explained, "I think actors get addicted to youth but it seems so exhausting to me. There is such pressure in L.A. to keep young and beautiful [but] the expectation to maintain this perfectly youthful face is incredibly intimidating as a woman in this business."
"How can you act if your face is frozen? I don't understand it," she added. "I find it really tragic and sad that women feel that they can't age and still work in film. Some of my favorite women I like to watch on screen are the ones that allow themselves to age gracefully. They play women that are around the same age and they have no shame in it."
Meanwhile, she continually backstabs the wealthy folks of the Hamptons on set, but Miss VanCamp declares she and boyfriend/co-star Josh Bowman avoid bringing their work home. "We’re playing very intense characters. A lot of us are doing intense scene after intense scene so when you go home you absolutely need to unwind, disconnect, and let it all go. If you live with these characters—it could be quite distracting and destructive."
In regards to what really helps her de-stress, Emily gives credit to her gal pals, adding, "I have an amazing group of friends and they make it easy for me to let loose and relax on the weekends, get back to reality and ground myself."
Photo Credit: James White for Fashion

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