Thursday, 2 May 2013

Jay Z Releases "100$ Bill" From "The Great Gatsby" Soundtrack

Throwing in his own contribution to the soundtrack of the movie he scored, Jay-Z released "100$ Bill" off of "The Great Gatsby" album on Thursday (May 2).
Interspersed with quotes from Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, the lyrics go from self-promotion to literary icons, as he raps, "I write like Mark Twain, Jay Gatsby I park thangs/ Yellow cars, yellow gold, like Slick Rick, still tip/ On four-fours, fo-fos at the four-O, four-O."
Recently, the 43-year-old rapper spoke to Blacktree.TV about his foray into the movie business, sharing, "It's not the typical soundtrack, or a standalone piece. The songs are pretty much in the film, so it goes hand in hand with each other. It had to fit pretty snug, it wasn't an afterthought."
Blending modern tunes into a film set in the 1920's may be a head-scratcher, but Jay explains, "Music is music no matter what. Timeless music is timeless music. It doesn't matter what genre."
Check out "100$ Bill" below, which contains explicit language which may be offensive to some viewers.

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