Tuesday, 26 March 2013

What’s Your Favourite Sex Position? The perfect sex style for every kind of woman

The prelude to a kiss then comes the touch, what have you, then the oohs and the aahs! My God did I just do that (I love him/her, I hate him/her), peeps what is your rating on a scale of 1-10? I am terrible when I spoon, (size, perhaps?) incredible when I mount. Peeps, dungarees, I don’t have the body for. (Someone has got to do the dirty job!)
‘Sexperts’ have come up with the different types of sexual positions. If a study were to be carried out, different folks would like all sorts. (The Bazooka or the golden shower?) Are you amazed? Quick quiz – What makes a certain position preferred? Is it the fact that it is more comfortable than the other or more acceptable in society? Is it a case of, I paid; I will get what I want?
Truth be told, most consenting adults have attempted different sexual positions. The Missionary being the all time favourite (maybe for its versatility), ‘the wheel barrow’, ‘doggy style’, ‘Baban Riga’, and many other adventurous ones. You can even get sexual guides (all media); Karma Sutra, A-Z of sex, Men Are from Mars and women are from god knows where, etc, ‘edutaining’ (word alert) us on inhibitions, aphrodisiacs, most importantly, creative sex. These guides expose us to a new world of sexual adventure. Out of the boredom into the adventure they campaign. So if you decide to choose, choose your position wisely.
I for one have pondered on this for a long time, I had to ask questions. A lot of response has been provided. Women definitely have their preferences and so do the men folk. The missionary position is as old as prostitution itself. It is pro-creation personified. To the best of our knowledge, it can be argued that it was the only position known to man for a long time, before sexual deviance set in. One question though, does sexual deviance spurn from boredom? As sure as the sun rises from the east, I would not want to be caught up in the repetitive task of gratification on my back! (What if he/she is not good to look at?)  Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that sexual deviance be forte but I am sure even though other sexual positions are deviant by nature, with the right balance, even grounds will be reached.
Situation Uno! New entrants into the act think ‘Doggy Style’ is demeaning. (Don’t say this to Mr. Quickie) The argument is primarily the eye contact; you can’t be too sure what the other party thinks. If this were anything to go by, why is it universal? Is it the lack of commitment in many sexual relationships? Many men would have sex in the conventional position being the ‘missionary’ with their wives while the previous relationships or the ‘shorty’ on the side provides all other positions.
The truth is, Ronke if you don’t deliver, Patrick will take it from Ijeoma and believe me she loves the ride. What I am trying to say is Audu if she asks for the cunny, (lingus) you better give it or Okon would!  Do you want to be trapped in a closet? Go figure.
When the missionary position becomes the only act that suggests love, then what hope do we have in terms of longevity? Longevity in relationships, marriage, friendships, or whatever realm of sexual involvements that may exist out there, clandestine or socially acceptable. There has to be adventure. It’s the key. If you are squeamish, straitlaced or prudish with your person, chances are that someone will help you do it better. Baby! It’s time to lose your inhibitions. Who is to say that smut and purity cannot co-exist? Who is to say that he won’t do it eh? She needs it badly. Peeps get your freak on with your partner or someone will plant in fallow land. Guys, tongue tickle her feminity, Babes, suck that dingo silly.
Yep! Our former perception of perfect sexual love is shattered. Even as a straight beans and potatoes woman, I am sure you will agree with me that too much of it is actually an expression of boredom! (My principal point of view) In the one eyed world of boredom, adventure is king. Baby! Make everything useful, even the washing machine. Talk to somebody. Rent an unfurnished apartment. Hey! This time, it might be 10 weeks instead of ‘9 1/2 weeks’, and then you can send her some roses instead of ‘wild orchids’. So which is it? Mission Impossible or all the way??
It is no secret that regular sex enhances the human body mentally and physically. Regular sex also brings about some loss of weight as sex is the only calories burning act I know that gives you ecstasy. However did you know that the shape and size of a woman as well as the size of the man’s joystick can go a long way in determining her sexual gratification?
Experts say certain positions may be suggested for different types of women which would go a long way in enhancing her response and sexual pleasure.
Short women: for a short woman, the best position would be for her to be on top and ride her man, however If you don’t always want to be on top, spooning is another great height-equalizer. Simply lie on your side in a semi-fetal position, and have your man lie behind you in the same configuration. This position is not only highly intimate but also comfortable. Once he enters you, he can cradle you with his arm and nuzzle your neck as he thrusts from behind.
Another suitable position for a short girl who’s with a taller man is the 69 position you can lie on your sides, with your bodies facing, in upside down of each other and her feet by his head. Your boyfriend can curve his back so your head meets his genitals and vice versa. You’ll find this a lot easier — and more comfortable — than if you were lying on top of him.
Also recommended for a short girl is the position where she lies on her back on an elevated surface (like a table) while he stands in a fixed position.
Fat or obese girls: you sure don’t want to try with her on top especially if you are a slim man. The missionary and doggy styles would come highly recommended since both are pleasurable and also very comfortable for fat women. Obviously a fatter woman would tend to have a lot of skin around the entrance of her vagina and this might make penetration ‘slopish’ for the man. So it is recommended to use pillows to prop up her hips and buttocks and invariably position the vagina to a position made easy for penetration. An obese or fat woman can also enjoy sex from the back.
Tall and slim girls: not much of a problem for this category of women to take a position. All positions including the missionary position would work. If she is very skinny the doggy might pose a little problem for the man considering her hip bone may be hitting hard on him and this could cause some pain however with proper positioning and good lubrication it would turn out just great.

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