Thursday, 14 March 2013

Julianne Hough: Victim of $100,000 Jewelry Heist

She received a gracious gift from boyfriend Ryan Seacrest, but Julianne Hough had her treasures taken away after falling victim to a jewelry theft.
According to police reports obtained by TMZ, the “Safe Haven” actress had an estimated $100,000 in jewels stolen out of her car on Friday night (March 8).
Julianne arrived back at her Mercedes Benz to find the ride completely ransacked with the driver’s door wide open. Among the stolen jewels was a watch that cost $50,000.
On top of the reported theft, the 24-year-old actress underwent a painful root canal on Wednesday (March 13) and tweeted, “After my apicoectomy root canal surgery last night! I’ve got chipmunk cheeks and Botox looking lips.”
Miss Hough added, “But I did get a tinker bell band aid! They know the way to make me feel better!”
Would you leave valuables in your car? Let us know below!

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