Saturday, 30 March 2013

Chris Brown Talks Frank Ocean and New Rihanna Collaborations

Opening up about some of the latest headlines, Chris Brown** made an appearance for an interview on Power 106 on Friday (March 29).

After explaining that he is choosing not to live his life "behind a shadow" anymore, Brown dished on a range of topics including his feud with Frank Ocean and whether or not he and RiRi have any new music in the works.

After being asked if the altercation between himself and Ocean was really over a parking spot, the "Kiss Kiss" singer said, "I just put it like this, it's in the past some stuff went down, its's always sensationalized and always blown out of proportion."

As for whether or not he and Rihanna** have any new collaborations together, Chris explained, "Right now I have a couple songs that I wrote for her album and mine that she's featured on," adding, "the song is called 'Put It Up.'"
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