Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Woman Tries To Kidnap Newborn Baby From Hospital In Duffel Bag

A California woman dressed in hospital scrubs on Aug. 6 to allegedly disguise herself as a nurse and steal a newborn baby girl from her mother’s hospital room! Read on for all the shocking details.
Grisel Ramirez, 48, was arrested on Aug. 6 after she was caught trying to sneak a newborn baby out of a Southern California hospital in a duffel bag.
Grisel was dressed in hospital scrubs, allegedly to disguise herself as a nurse. She is accused of coming in to the newborn’s room and telling the baby girl’s mother to take a shower before a doctor could examine her, officials said.

Once the mother left, Grisel allegedly put the baby in a duffel bag and tried to carry her out of the hospital, Lt. Jeff Nightengale said during a news conference, according to the Daily Mail.

“An alarm went off when the baby crossed an imaginary line” in the hospital that set off a sensor, he said, and the baby was in the bag for only a short amount of time.

“At this point we don’t have a solid reason why she stole the baby,” Lt. Lightengale said.

Grisel was arrested when trying to leave the hospital on charges of kidnapping.

The baby wasn’t harmed, and has since been returned to her mother.

We are happy the baby and mother are safe, and the alleged kidnapper was arrested. What do YOU think HollyMoms?


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