Monday, 22 April 2013

PHOTOS OF THE DAY: A Rest Room In A Babcock University Hostel

Am a loyal reader of Pen Point Review Blog... and a student of Babcock University.. So i decided posting this on PPR's Blog since it was open for public use. Deep down in my Soul am angry concidering the huge amount of School fees Students are paying we still being treated so poor with bad condition... Well not protesting in school or complaining to school administration but protesting via the media because of FEAR. The university just released the school fees for the next session and some of the students feel its outrageous. See it below...

1) Accounting- N1.5million
2) Nursing- N1million
3) Law- N2million
4) Medicine- N3million
5) Others- N860,000

We are scared to protest because We could get suspended. I think it's ridiculous. You pay N3million a session to become a doctor and when you eventually get a job, you make less than N200 thousand a month... Am a hundred level student of Babcock University... Got alot of years here.. Please Save Me. Have more pictures of Rooms but will disclose it for now... WE NEED HELP PLEASE



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  2. This is too bad.... EFCC should go and get the VC of Babcock!!!