Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Open Letter To Goodluck Jonathan

The President

Federal Republic of Nigeria

H.E., Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, GCFR

Aso Villa,


H.E, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, you appear to be satisfied answering President of Nigeria without any blue print to confront the huge problem found in Nigeria. I put it to you that you know or have a Clue of those who sponsor Boko-Haram. Nigeria has become a nation where those who practice terrorism and Killings poses more weapons then the Nigerian Defense Force In General. Who gets this weapons for them? Who feeds them? What is their main aim? Where does the weapons come into Nigeria from? Isn't all weapons in Nigerian meant to be registered? Who sales it to them? First it was Militants from the Niger-Delta, Amnesty was given. Now its Boko-Haram, if amnesty is giving to them as you aim at, I promise you In a year time A Yoruba and Ibo terrorist group will be introduced in Nigeria. This country is blessed doesn't mean that capital should be wasted. Every youth in this country need money. If capital and training is being granted to the Boko-Haram sect.. Ibos and Yorubas will introduce their militancy group in order to make money. Your Governors are deceiving You. Have a deep look into Abia State to mention, The Voice of the public is wiping, Corruption is the case. Governors are converting State capital to Business capital Example is Anambra State.A Country where Ex-Nigeria Police IG, Ehindero, pocketed N16.5mn interest from police funds, ISN'T THAT A BIG SHAME for You to sit up? Over 6,000 innocent children held in Nigerian prisons. They must be saved because Your Cabinet is doing worse than they did. Stand Up and mention this NAMES, not creating a committee on Boko-Haram which will still collect welfare funds from the Government.

The most outstanding of all freedoms is the Right to Life, all human rights activists know this. The second is the Right to Freedom of conscience. These two are the bedrock on which all other human rights stand and emanate from. The two are essentially one. If you deny one his right to freedom of conscience, you have indirectly killed him. He is bound to your whims. Nigerians are crying, We are suffering.You move on an Entourage everyday, You don't understand what the huge poor masses are struggling. The other day, I was in Lagos, The road was blocked for over 30 minutes before You passed with your security. IS THAT FAIR? Dont we citizens have equal rights? Must we keep on suffering? 

Over 600,000 fellow Youths of mine in Great Nation "NIGERIA" graduate yearly from Universities, yet No Employment or Job available for them. Nigerian Youths are really suffering, crying every day and Night just to put a smile on faces. No opportunity to express their talent. The rich become richer while the poor become poorer, The country's GDP falls and yet You parade round the country as a PRESIDENT.. Please Sit UP.. look into the public, try feel what we feeling. I don't mind dying just to of ensure Nigeria is a Great Nation. You could arrest me Tomorrow but  I will forever fight for Nigerian Youths...  

                                                                                                      ENEANYA CHUKWUEMEKA
                                                                                                     400L Student Of Babcock University

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