Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Jon Hamm and January Jones Attend The Paley Center for Media presentation of "Mad Men" Season 6

Celebrating the premiere of the new season of their hit show, Jon Hamm and January Jones attended The Paley Center for Media presentation of "Mad Men" Season 6 at The Paley Center for Media.
The dashing Don Draper sported a dark suit, gray dress shirt, and striped tie while his former on-screen wife wore a semi-sheer white top with black leather pants.
Recently, the 42-year-old actor spoke with AMC about his mysterious character and how season 6 will treat the dapper Don.
When asked about the season exploring if people can truly change, Jon replies, "I think that one of the things that we've tried to play up a little this season is what makes Don do what he does. And I think part of it is his house is built on a very flawed and unstable and damaged foundation, and, you know, you've got to fix the foundation before you fix the house or you're going to have the same problems... My hope for Don is that he can somehow identify and fix that foundation, and I think that might be what people respond to the most -- that hope that this person can be redeemed."
Enjoy the pictures of January Jones and Jon Hamm at the "Mad Men" event in New York City (April 23).
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