Thursday, 25 April 2013

Alison Sweeney Talks Weight Loss in Shape May 2013

With beach season just around the corner, Alison Sweeney reveals ultimate secrets to weight loss in the May 2013 issue of Shape magazine
While showing off her flattened tummy in a gorgeous red bikini, the "Days of Our Lives" star dished about avoiding unhealthy foods and conquering fears in order to achieve her goals.
Check out highlights from Miss Sweeney's interview below. For more, be sure to visit Shapemagazine!
On her dentists' advice to avoid sugar:
"The results were amazing. I dropped a couple jeans sizes and stopped craving sweets."
On her intense exercising regime:
"When it comes to my workouts, I push myself really hard- that's part of the fun!"
On overcoming her fear of the ocean for her triathlon:
"Sure, I practiced in my pool for half an hour twice a week. But that didn't prepare me for when I first stepped in the ocean. I was convinced I'd get eaten by a shark!"
On publishing her own book "The Mommy Diet":
For 20 years, I've been part of some wonderful storylines on Days. I yearned to be part of that process of sharing my own stories with other people. But as an actor, I didn't have that outlet."
Photo Credit: Shape

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