Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Kevin Clash Targeted with Meth Sex Party Allegations

It’s been a rough season for Kevin Clash after a few men came forward to accuse him of gay underage sexual exploits, and now the former voice of Elmo is under attack again.
This time, Sheldon Stephens is suing Clash for allegedly luring him to crystal meth sex parties when he was only sixteen years old.
Stephens says that Kevin would have a chauffeured limousine bring him to his apartment where they engaged in sex acts while smoking meth and taking ‘poppers.’
Additionally, Sheldon claims that the chauffeur would watch the whole thing while masturbating, and then drove him home.
Clash had originally made a settlement deal with Stephens, but when Kevin insisted that Sheldon issue a statement that he made the whole thing up, he reneged on the arrangement and filed the lawsuit.
Photo Credit: Getty Images

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