Thursday, 10 January 2013

Forbes ranks Nigeria As The 20th Saddest Nation In The World

Forbes has ranked Nigeria as the 20th saddest place to live in the whole world. Nigeria ranks 123rd overall on the Legatum Prosperity Index. Decades of corruption have squandered great oil and gas wealth, while new concerns involve sectarian violence, Forbes wrote

See the top 20 saddest countries on earth
1. Central African Republic
2. Republic of Congo
3. Afghanistan
 4. Chad
5. Haiti
6. Burundi
7. Togo
8. Zimbabwe
9. Yemen
10. Ethopia
See the remaining after the cut...

11. Pakistan
12. Iraq
13. Liberia,
14. Angola
15. Sierra Leone
16. Guinea
17. Ivory Coast
18. Sudan
19. Mozambique
20. Nigeria

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