Thursday, 4 October 2012

Justin Bieber Grabs His Crotch In Raunchy

Justin loves to push the boundaries, and he’s certainly doing that by grabbing his crotch in concert on Oct 2. What do YOU think — is it TOO raunchy? See the pic and vote! Justin Bieber was spotted grabbing his crotch on stage in Los Angeles on Oct. 2 during his Believe tour — making “Beliebers” around the world squirm with excitement! Justin, 18, is slowly becoming an adult and whether we like it or not, he’s moving far, far away from his “teen heartthrob” image. While some many think this new photo is overly sexed, we can’t stop looking! Justin is just too sexy! Let’s not forget that Justin is a fan of grabbing his crotch. In September, a photo was released on Twitter, featuring the pop star in another compromising position! Perhaps Justin is taking tips from his icon, the late King of Pop — Michael Jackson. Just has admitted in the past that he’s a huge Michael fan. Michael has notoriously grabbed his crotch in the past as well. In an interview with BBC, Justin even talked about Michael: “I’m very inspired by Michael Jackson.”


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