Saturday, 22 September 2012


Lolade Cardoso and Ladi Alakija's wedding journey was all of the above and more. It was magical, it was enchanting and it was definitely breathtaking!

We love the intricate attention to every exquisite detail. The homage to the rich cultural heritage of the couple. The celebration of love. It started with Lolade and Ladi's culturally infused introduction then their exotic traditional engagement in Lagos, immaculately elegant wedding in London and finally the joyous thanksgiving celebration.

The couple's love shone through the glamour and dazzle.

With over 30 years of design experience, the mother of the bride, Bimbo Cardoso of Party Perfect Event Group produced a stunning trio of events – as a mother of triplets (one of whom is the bride), perhaps the number 3 has a special place in her heart. The groom's family – the Alakijas took the reigns for the final chapter in the wedding story – the thanksgiving celebration and welcome party.

Here is how the designer, Vera Wang describes Lolade's dress "If there is any one dress in my Spring 2012 collection that epitomizes the pageantry of the Paris Opera, it's Hayley. The centerpiece of this dress, for me, is the absolutely stunning, theatrical cascade of organza petals in the skirt, all cut from the most delicate tissue organza. They just float on the dress like a spilling bouquet."

Enchanted in London – The Wedding
Lolade Cardoso and Ladi Alakija's wedding was a moving private ceremony followed by a cocktail reception and wedding banquet at the Hilton Park Lane in London where very close family and friends were invited to have a share in the first meal of the couple as husband and wife, in what can be described as a most romantic setting of an enchanted garden. Swans metamorphosing into ballerinas of Swan Lake – the great traditional Russian ballet, the love scene was brought to life, the swans formed a human arch and ushered in the couple, then lit the candles around their love boudoir, and performed the love scene pas de deux to the wonderment of all guests.

The 28-man grand orchestra provided the sound of the most beautiful waltzes, starting with Edelweiss, the Blue Danube and Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers. The couple and their bridal train waltzed the night away in true Austrian tradition until the clock stuck 12, the transition for the bride to Mrs Lolade Alakija was over. From then the tempo went up even higher as the after party began – the beginning of a life of marital bliss for Lolade and Ladi.
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